key points

As a summary, here are the theoretical key points of the project, as a proposed strategy to face the problem of multitouch (tabletop) gestural interfaces, stated in the thesis’ abstract (see previous post). The implemention is described in italics, between the brackets.

Note: this is taken from the slides of the thesis discussion, that I’ll eventually publish.

  • Tangible objects. Integration with GUI, natural interaction. (Non-Z-ordered target areas.)
  • Contextuality of gestures with respect to the current state of the interface (Access to the client’s environment plus global/multi-target gestures).
  • Resolution of the conflicts. Which is the actual target of the gesture? Which is the actual meaning of the produced gesture? (Flexibility in designing gestures plus a priority mechanism.)
sample of interaction

example of (ambiguous) gesture

In the picture above, the user producing the gesture may mean to link the objects A and C, or to remove the existing link between A and B.


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